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Board Nomination MembersThe nomination process is designed to identify, encourage and enlist the active participation of dedicated professionals to volunteer as a member of KWA’s Board of Trustees. The procedures outlined below assist the nominating committee in conducting a fair and equitable evaluation, deliberation and recommendation process for all nominated candidates.

Nominations and Recruitment Committee
On August 28, 2014, the Board of Trustees through Resolution #0814-1 created a Nominations and Recruitment Committee. The committee consists of KWA board members who are dedicated to the KWA vision and mission. The nomination process is open and inclusive; anyone who completes all necessary forms will be considered.

Brief Given to the 2016 Nominations and Recruitment Committee

The slate of nominees should include candidates who reflect the population at large in which KWA serves. Similarly, the slate should show balance in terms of gender, culture and geographical diversity.

For the board to fulfill its potential, it is valuable to have a variety of skills, experience and interest levels represented. Considering the roles and contributions of departing board members and the current needs of the organization, it would be useful to have board members who can each represent at least one of the following attributes and preferably more than one:

  • Previous board experience with a non-profit
  • Multi-disciplinary perspective in complex organizations
  • Entrepreneurial experience
  • Expertise in affordable housing, finance and legal matters relating to a non-profit agency
  • Recognition as a thought leader
  • Experience in fundraising
  • Experience with multi-cultural organizations and committees

General Criteria for All Board Member Candidates
Nominees for the KWA Board of Trustees should be senior professionals and thought leaders who are committed to KWA’s Mission and Core Values and who have experience in strategic planning and managing multi-disciplinary responsibilities, the ability to navigate among diverse professional groups and points of view, a track record of communicating effectively in a multi-cultural environment and high standards of integrity and professional conduct. Nominees should demonstrate experience in areas that can bring added value to the KWA board based on specific needs as determined by the KWA board and staff.

Demonstrated leadership and participation in high-caliber programs or committees is preferred. Nominees must not be employed either full- or part-time by a company or corporation (or any subsidiary) that competes in any manner with KWA. Board members shall serve three-year terms with a limit of three such terms.

Nominations Materials
Nominators will be required to provide the following:

Who May Nominate?
KWA board members, as well as interested parties, are eligible to nominate candidates or themselves for the Board of Trustees.

How Are Nominees Selected?
The Nominations and Recruitment Committee of the KWA Board of Trustees issues the Call for Nominations in September of each year. The committee recommends a slate of candidates representing a balance of whom KWA serves based on received nominations, nominee interviews, committee deliberations, completeness of application and the current advisory needs KWA has. The final slate of nominees is approved by the Board of Trustees at its December meeting. Nomination does not imply selection.

When Do I Nominate?
The Call for Nominations is open throughout the year.

Election and Approval Process
The slate of nominees is presented to the Board of Trustees for approval at the November meeting. Election for KWA officers and new board member appointments is held on the last board meeting of the year, in December, in accordance with KWA’s Bylaws [PDF].

Board terms run from January 1 to December 31 of each year. Each board term is for a commitment of three years.

Completing the Nomination Form
Each nominee is expected to download and complete the same form, so that the nominating committee may consider the credentials of all candidates individually, as well as comparatively. Read the KWA Board of Trustee Member Job Description [PDF] to better understand the responsibilities of elected board members. If you have questions about this form or the nomination process, please contact Kristine Kim at kkim@kwacares.org.

The board application form is designed to help the nominee prepare and present his or her qualifications in a consistent and orderly manner. The application process is thorough to assure that committee members have the same information on all candidates so each member can recognize the work nominees have done and how a nominee can make the KWA board stronger and unified.

Download the Board Application Form [PDF]
Download the KWA Board of Trustee Member Job Description [PDF]
Download the KWA  Articles of Incorporation [PDF]
Download the KWA Bylaws [PDF]

NOTE: If you cannot submit the Board Application Form through your web browser, download the completed PDF file and send to kkim@kwacares.org.