Saving Lives By Increasing Early Detection

KWA partners with Franciscan Health System to provide the Breast Cancer Navigator Program-helping save lives by increasing early detection of breast cancer in medically underserved minority women. Navigators go out into the community; educating women about breast cancer and the need for screening and helping them get mammograms. Women diagnosed with breast cancer receive one-on-one services from navigators who provide practical and emotional support in managing the disease as well as help them find and connect to timely, high-quality medical care.


One-on-one services from navigators include
  • Providing language and culturally appropriate breast health presentations in community settings
  • Encouraging women to get mammograms, with as many follow-up contacts as needed
  • Scheduling mammograms, taking women to their appointments, and providing interpretation if needed
  • Assisting women in applying for medical insurance and/or medical assistance programs
  • Helping women access community resources such as food banks, bus passes and grocery vouchers
  • Connecting women diagnosed with breast cancer to culturally competent medical treatment and providing ongoing assistance and support to women and their familiesSusan G logo
The program is available to clients who are over 40 years-old and don’t have medical insurance or resources to pay medical bills or under 40 years-old and discover a lump on their breast. This program is funded through the generous donation of the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation.

Serving 15,000 Women

The Breast Cancer Navigator Program has served nearly 15,000 women since it began in 2005. This includes one-on-one services to 2,660 women, 425 community breast health presentations, and 637 women receiving mammograms. These are women with no or very limited access to regular healthcare, including screening mammograms. They frequently lack familiarity and ease with the healthcare system and face major language and cultural barriers when trying to access medical care.

Many of the women served by the program are destitute to the point of needing food, transportation, help with medicines and other basic needs. Most women served by the Breast Cancer Navigator Program have been from Korean, Pacific Islander, African American and sexual minority populations. The program, funded by the Susan G. Komen Foundation, expanded in 2009 to serve Latina, Cambodian, Vietnamese, Thai and Russian-speaking women.

More Information

For more information about the Breast Cancer Navigator Program, call 253-535-4202.