History Repeats at KWA

August 14, 2018

Late in July, the greater Tacoma community descended upon Wright Park for the annual Ethnic Fest – the largest culture and community celebration in Tacoma. KWA was there, and not for the first time. Recently surfacing in our artifacts, a photo featured in the newspaper in 1990 of KWA’s presence at the Ethnic Fest that year. A discovery like this inspires all of us at KWA to continue the good and noble work begun by our founders in 1972.

The Tacoma Tribune recently described Ethnic Fest as “celebration of the many diverse communities and people from a wide array of ethnicities that are woven together to make up the fabric of Tacoma.” It is that same desire to connect with the multi-cultural, multi-lingual communities of Western Washington that drive all of KWA’s many programs. Congratulations to Ethnic Fest for another successful weekend of meeting your mission. KWA was proud to repeat history and support the efforts of all those who work to celebrate all the people of our diverse communities. See you next year!