Bringing Culture to the Forefront of Community

June 5, 2019

In early April, Portland-based freelance writer Samantha Bakall reached out to KWA looking to connect with someone who could provide information about and context to Koreatown in Lakewood.  Bakall was intent on writing an article about the current Korean food scene in the area for – a food and dining network of websites featuring twenty locations around the United States.  Eager to share her recollections of the origins of Lakewood’s Koreatown, long-time KWA Board Trustee and current Senior Advisor Sulja Warnick agreed to talk with Bakall.  The result of that interview is a charming look not only of how Koreatown emerged in the area but also the influence KWA’s early members had on bringing the culture to the forefront of the community.

Published on June 5, 2019 on, we invite you to read more about Bakall’s discoveries and Warnick’s perspective on Lakewood’s Koreatown.

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