Eight Area Students Awarded Scholarships from KWA Board

June 21, 2019

On Thursday, June 19, 2019 the Korean Women’s Association Board of Trustees awarded scholarships to eight area high school seniors to support achievement of the students’ post-secondary educational goals.

The awardees are Joann Hong (Curtis Senior High School) attending Boston College in the Fall to study Biology, Sung Jun Lee (Meadowdale High School) attending UW Seattle / Biochemistry, David Yechan Kwak (Rogers High School) Baylor University / Biology, Grace Kim (Liberty High School) UW Seattle / Dentistry, Esther Kim (Newport High School) Williams College / Chemistry, Grace Jung (Lakeside School) Boston College,Yehjin Cho (Curtis High School) UW Seattle / Chemistry, and  Jiwon Justin Kwon (Todd Beamer High School) UW Seattle / Aerospace Engineering.

For 46 years, Korean Women’s Association has been at the forefront of creating opportunities for Korean Americans to empower themselves and their communities. We are motivated by a vision that a strong Korean American community makes a better Washington. Our hope is that the scholarship program that has been offered for past 22 years will open the doors of opportunity by giving resources and confidence necessary to compete academically. The KWA Scholarship Program includes awards funded by various donors in order to support students needing financial assistance to begin, continue or complete their post-secondary education.

2019 Scholarship Committee

Myung Lae Park, Chair
Hui Cha Le
Kelly Lui
Sulja Warnick
Dori Synn
Grace Kim