March 18, 2021

The Korean Women’s Association (KWA) Denouncing Anti-Asian American Pacific Islanders Sentiment Due to Fears of the COVID-19 Pandemic and Affirming KWA’s Commitment to the Well-Being and Safety of Asian American Communities

KWA has a deep legacy of support for the Asian American community whose founding members were Korean women dedicated to helping those who are the most vulnerable. Extending a culturally-aware, helping hand is at the core of the KWA mission and we will not stand by as expressions of violence and hate are perpetrated against our Asian American Pacific Islander brothers and sisters.

The Korean Women’s Association was created a half-century ago to give a voice and provide critical services to historically marginalized groups and build capacity to serve Washington State’s diverse populations.  Diversity is at the very heart of our mission, it is why we exist.

The Korean Women’s Association has been a respected and active member of the Tacoma and Pierce County community in the delivery of critical services to the underserved for nearly fifty years.  Our mission – to provide multi-cultural, multi-lingual human services through education, socialization, advocacy, and support – reaches thousands of Western Washington citizens in need every year through our dedicated staff of more than 1500 employees.

KWA has a long and proud history of being at the very forefront of fighting discrimination at all levels in our community.  We take that role seriously and will continue to fight for inclusion and respect. 


Did you know the Asian American and Pacific Islander population is more heterogeneous than any other racial group in the U.S., with more than 48 ethnicities, over 300 spoken languages, various socioeconomic statuses, immigration histories, cultures, and religions?

Did you know scientists have confirmed that COVID-19 does not respect borders and is not caused by ethnicity, and we caution against using geographic descriptors because they can fuel ethnic discrimination?

Did you know an estimated 2 million Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders have served on the front lines of this crisis as healthcare providers, as first responders, and in other essential roles?

Did you know nearly 3,800 incidents of anti-Asian discrimination, harassment, assaults, and civil rights violations were reported to the Stop AAPI Hate center between March 2020 and February 2021?

This is UNACCEPTABLE and KWA stands firm against this hate by confirming our commitment to the Asian American Pacific Islander individuals and families who need our services now more than ever.

If you or someone you know has experienced an act of Anti-Asian American Pacific Islander hate, please report it to If you need assistance with this reporting tool, please call KWA social services staff at 253.536.3020.