“I am excited to return to this agency that was my home for nearly seven years, and help guide the continued growth of programs and services for those who need it most.”

Peter Ansara, CEO of KWA, is a well-respected executive in the community with more than two decades of experience and success in multiple markets and industries. As the CEO, Ansara oversees all aspects of KWA’s operations including administration, management, program development, and financial controls. Ansara has a proven track record in overseeing programs focused on in-home care, low-income housing, domestic violence, healthcare, and other human services programs.

Prior to his return to KWA, Ansara served as the Director of Human Services for Pierce County. Ansara holds multiple professional certifications, earned a B.A. in business administration from Columbia College and a Masters of Human Relations from the University of Oklahoma. In 2002, Ansara retired from the U.S. Air Force after 25 years of service.