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Breast Cancer Navigator Program

KWA Breast Cancer Navigators serve high risk women in the community who may lack access to breast cancer screening and care. The KWA Navigators assist low income Korean, Asian Pacific and other minorities in getting mammograms and needed care if they are diagnosed with breast cancer. Navigators walk with the patients every step of the journey—interpreting, finding needed resources, providing logistical support, and being a friend.

Stomach Cancer

Stomach cancer is a hidden danger that disproportionately affects Korean, Vietnamese, and Pacific Islanders. While stomach cancer is recognized as being the second cause of cancer-related deaths globally, it gets little attention in U.S. or Washington State. KWA is leading the way in stomach cancer prevention with education programs, screening and early detection that saves lives reduces the severity of those who do contract stomach cancer.

Colorectal Cancer Prevention

Colorectal cancer is a common health concern for most Americans, including Korean and Asian Pacific Americans, but there are cultural factors—a reluctance to talk about cancer and get screened. Through KWA’s outreach and education, thousands of minority Puget Sound residents are talking to their doctors about colorectal cancer with their doctors for the first time and are taking action to pursue prevention and early detection.

Everyday Prevention

Everyday Prevention education from KWA is empowering hundreds of Asian Americans (Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Filipino) in Puget Sound to learn how simple choices each day in healthy living can have huge impact in preventing cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and numerous other diseases that are all too frequent in the community. The education focuses on culturally relevant factors for immigrant groups that negatively impact health, as well as culturally attractive choices that promote good health. Everyday Fall Prevention helps improve mobility and strength with yoga and muscle strengthening exercises. Everyday Benefits education raises awareness among the community of available resources, including the Affordable Care Act, Medicaid, Medicare, and Basic Food Outreach, that bring more minority and immigrant folks to a place of getting ample health care services and nutrition that further increase overall health. Everyday Prevention is provided by KWA in partnership with Snohomish County Senior Services, Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, Chinese Information & Service Center, and Latino Community Fund.

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