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    Domestic Violence Survival Service 1
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    Domestic Violence Survival Service 4

    Korean Women’s Association (KWA) was established in 1972 with the primary mission of providing crucial survival services for victims of domestic violence (DV). The organization originated from the compassionate efforts of a group of women who encountered battered women stranded in a foreign country, devoid of resources and language proficiency. Faced with the distressing challenges of domestic violence, these women found themselves in a state of fear, uncertain about their next steps, and anxious about potential deportation, especially when it involved the risk of losing custody of their children.

    The spectrum of abuse within these situations ranged from verbal and financial to severe instances of physical and mental harm. Some victims bore visible scars of their traumatic experiences, including broken noses, ruptured eardrums, and burn injuries inflicted by hot frying pans. In response to these distressing circumstances, the pioneers of KWA took initiative, pooling resources and generating funds by selling traditional Korean dishes such as kimchi, bulgogi, and japchae. These funds were instrumental in purchasing air tickets for victims, facilitating their return to Korea and providing a lifeline in their journey to escape domestic violence.

    Over time, KWA’s dedication to its mission attracted increasing support, culminating in 1996 with the organization being awarded its inaugural public grant from the City of Tacoma. Building upon this support, KWA successfully established its own women’s shelter, “We Are Family Home (WAFHOME),” in 2004 with various government and private grants. This WAFHOME stands as a testament to the organization’s dedication in creating a safe, pleasant, and peaceful environment for the domestic violence survival residents. The shelter not only provides adequate food and a warm bed to sleep on, but also serves as a safe haven for individuals seeking solace and support amidst the challenges posed by domestic violence.

    KWA’s journey reflects a commendable evolution from grassroots efforts to institutionalized support, demonstrating the organization’s unwavering commitment to assisting victims of domestic violence and empowering them towards a future free from abuse.

    Crisis Hotline

    24-Hour Hotline


    Our 24-Hour Crisis Hotline offers immediate assistance to individuals fleeing or attempting to flee domestic violence. Our trained Advocates provide crisis intervention, safety assessments, and referrals to shelters and community agencies. Services are available in English, Spanish, and other languages through interpreter services, ensuring support is accessible to everyone.


    For Domestic Violence emergency shelter services, safety planning, or referrals, please contact the WAFHOME 24-hour hotline at 253-359-0470.

    Domestic Violence Coordinated Entry (CE)


    Domestic Violence Coordinated Entry (DVCE) is a supportive program designed to ensure that all Domestic Violence (DV) survivors experiencing homelessness in Pierce County have fair and equitable access to housing resources. KWA Domestic Violence Coordinated Entry Specialists specialize in assisting DV survivors navigate community housing programs and complete the county’s Coordinated Entry Intake in a trauma informed way. Specialists work with survivors to identify barriers and discuss the most appropriate potential solution.

    Please contact KWA Coordinated Entry if you are:

    Eligibility Criteria:

    • Actively Fleeing
    • Attempting to flee domestic violence


    During a scheduled appointment we have a housing solutions conversation with you to determine if a plan can be developed. If successful, a DVCE Specialist works with the household for 30 days toward that solution. We will partner with the household to identify next steps and resources that the household will follow up on. Households that may need more than 30 days are placed in the priority pool for 90 days. The priority pool prioritizes households based on barriers and vulnerability for the next available resources. When a household is placed in priority pool for 90 days a referral is not guaranteed. Households entering the priority pool are encouraged to work on other housing solutions.

    Access and Scheduling:

    To determine eligibility or schedule an appointment, please call 253-389-2002, Monday to Friday, between 8:30 am to 10:30 am.

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    Domestic Violence Emergency Shelter


    WAFHOME offers a safe and supportive communal environment for survivors of intimate partner violence and their dependent children to begin their healing journey. Residents receive a 45-day stay in private rooms with access to communal facilities. Our caring and well-trained staff provide support, encouragement, and services such as direct client advocacy, case management, safety planning, employment, legal advocacy, support group, and referrals to various resources.


    For Domestic Violence emergency shelter services, safety planning, or referrals, please contact the WAFHOME 24-hour hotline at 253-359-0470.


    All programs and services require a phone screening.

    Youth Prevention Program


    WAFHOME’s Youth Prevention Program offers trauma-informed children’s programming, services, and advocacy for families affected by domestic violence. We provide ongoing support for survivors and their children, including individualized safety planning, conflict resolution skills building, and emotional coaching.

    Our children advocate assist mothers in enrolling their children in a local school to ensure there is no disruption in their education and social development. Furthermore, the advocates connect mothers with the McKinney-Vento Program, facilitating enrollment in its youth resources and transportation services.

    Community Engagement:

    To bring our prevention work to your community or schedule a presentation, please call our support line at 253-359-0470 to connect with the appropriate advocate.

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