Community Living Connection (CLC)

The CLC program aims to help seniors aged 60 and above live independently, healthy, and happy lives by providing them with assistance and information, often connecting them to valuable resources, and providing actual assistance with enrollment in various benefits programs such as Medicare, Medicaid, SSI, and the Medicare Savings program. 

Some of the services offered by the CLC program include: 

  1. Assistance Contact
  2. Information Contact
  3. Option Counseling

Family Caregiver Support Program (FCSP)

The FCSP aims to assist unpaid caregivers (often family members) by providing them with support to reduce stress and emotional duress (such as the conflicting feelings of love and anger, responsibility and overwhelming stress). At KWA, our bilingual staff members have received T-Care and Powerful training from the state, and are equipped to support unpaid family caregivers who live in King County. 

Some of the services provided by the FCSP include:

  1. Caregiver consultation
  2. Support group for caregivers
  3. Training for Caregivers

Please contact King County KWA Social Services for more information.

This program is available in King County only. For more information about CLC program, please visit Community Living Connections | Aging & Disability Info | Seattle & King County.