The KWA Center for Citizenship and Immigration Services provides critical support for immigrant individuals and families to navigate the naturalization process in a wide variety of languages.

This program supports more than 300 individuals annually to obtain U.S. legal status, through renewing permanent residency, learning U.S. history to prepare for the citizenship interview, and applying for U.S. citizenship to be naturalized.

KWA has a remarkable passing rate of achievement that more than 94% of citizenship applicants who received our support have become U.S. citizens. KWA has Department of Justice accredited staff who can advocate for the issues with their applications.

To help you get familiar with the requirements and learn more about who is eligible for naturalization, contact us at (253)-536-3020. We can help you make sense of this process.

Naturalization Services

  • Assistance with the naturalization application process
  • N400 application assistance and translation service
  • Citizenship English classes – beginner to advanced – in six languages: English, Korean, Ukrainian, Russian, Cambodian and Vietnamese
  • Citizenship interview preparation and practice
  • Escort to Application Support Center and CIS interview

Family Immigration Services

  • Assistance with family-based petition process for Green Card
  • Assistance with determining eligibility and application process

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Services

  • Assistance with DACA eligibility determination
  • Assistance with the DACA application process, including an evidence review
  • Assistance with DACA renewals