KWA is pleased to announce the expansion of our crime victim services, extending our support beyond the Asian community, effective from July 2023. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive assistance to crime victims, addressing various forms of victimization, including

  • financial exploitation,
  • identity theft, fraud,
  • burglary, property crimes,
  • cybercrimes,
  • vehicular assault, DUI incidents’ victims,
  • harassment, bullying, hate crimes,
  • homicide (with eligibility for family members as secondary victims), and more.

“The advocates at KWA supported me when I was feeling hopeless about my situation. With their help I was able to file a protection order against my attacker and begin recovering from his road rage.”

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Our Services:

  1. Crisis Intervention: Immediate support for victims in distress.
  2. Advocacy: Standing by victims, providing guidance and support throughout their recovery process.
  3. Medical Advocacy: Assisting victims in navigating medical processes and accessing appropriate care.
  4. Legal Advocacy: Helping victims understand their legal rights and providing support during legal proceedings.
  5. Crime Victim Compensation Assistance: Guiding victims through the process of seeking financial compensation for their losses.
  6. Emergency Financial Assistance: Providing immediate financial aid to victims in crisis.

At KWA, we are committed to delivering professional and compassionate assistance to crime victims. Our goal is to ensure their well-being, offer culturally sensitive support, and help them on their path to healing and recovery. We are honored to extend our services to a broader population and look forward to serving those in need with dedication and empathy.

For inquiries or assistance, please feel free to reach out to our dedicated team members during the business hours (at 8:30-5:00 Monday through Friday):