Rental Assistance in a Time of Great Need

September 11, 2020

Front the desk of Pete Ansara

Stay Home, Stay Healthy is a simple directive to help us all stay safe and reduce the spread of COVID-19, but it’s not so simple if the threat of eviction is looming over your head. Peace of mind, the knowledge that you and your family are safe, remaining in your own home – these may seem like basic rights, but many in our community are fearful and stressed now more than ever before over these simple realities.

COVID-19 has presented our society with a number of challenges, a list too long to write in one blog post. At KWA, we have seen first-hand how many of these challenges have impacted the most vulnerable in our communities.

Many in our communities are suffering from income-loss, which has a serious trickle-down effect. Paying bills, providing food and security to dependents, making simple ends meet have become big stressors in everyday life. Our homes have become our offices, classrooms, and more – but what if you’re at risk of losing this space?

KWA’s rental assistance program was born out of a grant of $480,000 from the Pierce County Human Services Economic Stabilization Program. The program for Pierce County residents started back in July 1, 2020 and we have until December 31, 2020 to use the funds. Currently, KWA has served over 77 households and have assisted over $130,000.

One of the things we’re most proud with is how this assistance is received by our clients. This is more than rental assistance, it’s a sense of security and peace of mind.

A few clients have allowed us to share their reactions. But to keep their privacy, their identity will remain anonymous.

Thank you so much for helping my family in this time of need.  I am so grateful for your generosity and support, this has lightened up my anxiety level tremendously.  Prayers have been answered and we are truly blessed.”

Thank you for helping me with rental assistance and I appreciate everyone’s help from KWA to process and approve my application.”

Thank you so much for your generous contribution as we needed this more than ever as my husband was diagnosed a few weeks ago with stage 4 colon cancer that has spread to his liver. We are extremely grateful.”

“How wonderful you & your organization are, thanks again….and I do feel very blessed because of your compassion & charity. God has really blessed me.”

We’ve made sure that the process for applying for these funds is simple and we help our clients the entire way. Just take a look at what Estelle Kim, KWA Social Services Coordinator, says about the experience:

“It is definitely a humbling and grateful experience to serve households who are affected by COVID-19, physically, emotionally, financially and mentally. Throughout this whole process, there are many personal stories of applicants who desperately need our help and it is an eye-opening experience to empathize with their situation. During times like this, helping them out with the Rental Assistance gives me a relief that the applicants are taken care of by KWA’s assistance.”

Estelle Kim, KWA Social Services Coordinator

At the end of the day, it is amazing to help out with applicants who desperately need our help, especially for larger households who have young children. Partnering with Pierce County is critical to reaching more people who need the assistance.

If you or someone you know needs rental assistance in Pierce County, please contact us today! or call 253.353.5502

Pete Ansara